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Business Coaching

Vonda Dennis Ministries is “Helping you become the person you were destined to be!"

Do you have a vision of owning your own business,

but don't know how to get it off the ground?


Do you believe you were destined to be greater,

but are not sure where to start?


Do you feel stuck in a job and want to advance?

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Vonda Dennis

A successful, multi-faceted solopreneur, life coach, celebrity fashion stylist, and minister with 30+ years experience, I provide business and life coaching to women seeking to re-enter the workforce, starting their own company and/or advancing their careers.

I aim to coach, mentor, cultivate, and empower women towards fulfilling their dreams and visions.


Step 1:  Make the Call!

The first step towards success begins with taking action. So, let's begin by scheduling a "Meet & Greet Call" to determine the feasibility of our partnership in your journey.

Step 2: In-Person Meeting

Should the Meet & Greet Call be a success, the next step is to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss how the partnership will unfold and to execute our business agreement inclusive of associated fees.

Step 3: Package Selection

A variety of Coaching Packages will be made available for your selection. Whether selecting a session-based package or a full-service package, it is important to note that each will include personal coaching to cheerlead you through Accountability to remain on track.


Step 4: Action Plan

Create a focus strategy and a “Plan of Action” to assist in streamlining and prioritizing milestones that will guide you towards accomplishing the established goal.

You ready for a life-changing experience? Contact me to get started!


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