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Events & Activities

Mind Body Soul

Empowerment luncheon that offers resources and interaction to help improve our mental, physical and spiritual wel-being.


Bible enrichment sessions offered to explore the Bible from the standpoint of a “Spirituologist.” We will dig into the scriptures just as an archaeologist would dig and excavate hidden treasures. Registrants will gain a deeper understanding of God's Word by learning about the culture and customs of the ancient civilization in which it was birthed. The session will also delve into how these factors map and graft into our modern life.

Women of Valor Sessions & Conferences

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Sessions and conferences explore Proverbs 31; creating a deeper revelation of this passage and the true meaning behind it. In doing so, registrants will see the emergence of the "Eshet Chayil: Woman of Valor", which will help attending women grasp the depth of their value as women and gain a deeper understand their mission as true women of God.

Coffee, Tea & Jesus

A monthly round-table discussion on living as a Godly woman facing challenges in today's society.

We will share, laugh, cry, give praise reports, eat, and have a wonderful time in Jesus.

Esther's "One Night with the King"

An elegant gala, women get dress up just as Esther did when she prepared to meet the king. Be illuminated by God's presents while gathering as women of the most high King Jesus; dining together in a high court setting and enjoy  each other's company awaiting a mighty move of God!

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