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About Vonda

Vonda Lesia Dennis, who was named after Miss America 1965, is a woman among women. Born May 19, 1965 in Hollywood, CA she is the youngest of four children. Although a quiet and reserved child, she could hold her own and definitely grew into a voice that demands to be heard. Growing up with the understanding that she would need to 'speak up' for herself in a world that overlooked and dismissed women, Vonda answered God's call to the ministry with a passion to give voice to and empower women from all walks of life!

Empowering Women is my passion!

Vonda Dennis

​ Vonda Lesia, which means “True Image” “Dedicated to God”, was saved at the age of 13 at a Monday Night Prayer Meeting. Under the leadership of her father in the gospel, the late Bishop G. Grady Benton, she was spiritually nourished and grew in the faith; serving as a member in several choirs,

a young missionary under the guidance of Minister Lelar Wheeler-Polk, and a worker in the Children's Ministry under the guidance of Elder Denise Hendricks-Turner, who still serves as her mentor. She received further spiritual guidance and encouragement through her grandmother, the late great Mother Estella Boyd, a mighty woman of God, who founded Daughter's of Zion & Son's of Thunder. Under the leadership of Bishop Noel Jones, she has been a member at The City of Refuge since 2004.

With such a strong lineage and foundation in the faith, Vonda is well acquainted with the voice of God. Therefore, it was no surprise to her when, in 2003, she heard His voice while driving along the 110 fwy in Los Angeles. As clear as day, she heard God say, "I know who you are!" Vonda immediately knew this was her Heavenly Father's answer to her mentally unhealthy attempts to obtain others' approvals and to fit into the "mold" that was never intended for her life! 


These purpose-affirming words from Her creator pierced her spirit and solidified in her that she was made as He had intended because of the path that He had destined for her.  God reassured her that He had set her apart to Go, Say, and Do what others in her circle would not have the voice or influence to accomplish. He reminded her that He had crowned her with favor  and a fearlessness to reach those forgotten, ignored, or disregarded due to their 'status' or lack thereof.


Since that day, Vonda refuses to second guess herself or wonder why she does not 'fit into certain groups of individuals. Whenever that small voice of doubt attempts to rear its head, she is reminded that God has announced to her, “ I Know Who You Are!”...stop trying to fit in and be who I've made you to be, which is for My Glory!

I Know Who You Are!

Vonda Dennis is a true “Woman of Valor” with a unique blend of spiritual and entrepreneurial gifts that have allowed her to guide, teach, and empower women and families in a variety of settings. Her passion is to build, empower, encourage, support, transform, and educate women in how to love and value themselves as they love and nurture those around them.


Adopting this as her motto, she is known to declare that, “Self-care is Key!" Proclaiming that, if you don't care and take care of yourself, you can't effectively care for others.

Self-care is Key!

"I believe that every woman is great and unique and it is my life's journey to empower them through every resource possible for their betterment”.

In addition to work in the ministry, she started her first business at 20 years of age. Over the course of time, she has established several companies with the most notable being, “The Stork Stops Here”. This entity was featured on MTV, radio stations KOST & KBIG, and appeared in numerous publications.

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